New York based Co-Working startup pilots elementary school program

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Posted by: Nick Strite Category: Business, News Comments: 0 Post Date: November 14, 2017

New York based Co-Working startup pilots elementary school program

Bloomberg reports, $20 billion New York-based co-working startup WeWork, who recently purchased Lord & Taylors retail space for their headquarters is currently piloting a private elementary school that is focusing on “conscious entrepreneurship”. They currently have seven students, including one of the five children of WeWork Cos. founders Rebekah and Adam Neumann.

WeWork says their mission is to help people do what they love. They have expanded from co-workspaces to living spaces with WeLive and now with this expansion into education they continue to further their cultural ideals to impact to the future.

“In my book, there’s no reason why children in elementary schools can’t be launching their own businesses,” Rebekah Neumann said in an interview. She believes kids should develop their interests early on in life, instead of waiting to grow up to be “disruptive, as she puts it.

We love to see entrepreneurs strive for change and bettering communities through direct action. Innovation is the key to developing new schools of thought and solutions. Going outside the box to provide results for new and difficult challenges is what we seek to accomplish for every relationship that we build.

Company culture is something that should cross paths in our daily lives. Personally, I have incorporated the 3R Guarantee of Relationships, Reliability, and Results into my own life, taking a closer look at the relationships that are important and developing new ones.

Without quality time invested in developing relationships, we cannot get the results we need or the solutions that will make a difference. Through reliability, we drive trust and friendship in our daily lives. Through those actions will everyone be successful.

We can only hope to emulate the amount of time and detail that WeWork is putting into their multifaceted business that looks to impact the future of business.


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