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9 tips for keeping your office clean in between commercial cleaning visits

We provide the foundation of a clean office but keeping an organized and cleaning your office is still very important. A discarded post-it here, a pen there, disheveled magazines on the floor, it all adds up to one thing, the impression of a messy office.
Here are a few useful tips to keep your office clean

Keep anti-bacterial wipes close by. They can help with those surprise coffee spills and quick wipe downs of surfaces.
Use natural air fresheners, for example, simply […]


Success is a Clean Bathroom

Maintaining or establishing a good reputation is critical to success where cleanliness is 100% key. With basic bathroom cleanliness being vital to any business.
Everyone has a dirty bathroom horror story. Whether it’s a rundown office in a strip mall, a seedy auto dealer on the bad side of town, you’ve stepped into the worst of the worst somewhere along the road.
We wouldn’t have horror stories of bathroom cleanliness if it isn’t often overlooked. Whether it’s retail office, auto-dealerships, and […]