Squirrel Watch 2017: Social Media and Results

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Posted by: Nick Strite Category: Editorial, News Comments: 0 Post Date: November 13, 2017

Squirrel Watch 2017: Social Media and Results

This morning social media put me through a whirlwind of emotion (in my best hank hill you what) “I tell you hwhat.” Listen to my tale of emotional ups and downs in a very short span of time if you dare.

We all love animals, especially baby animals, anytime I come across a post on Facebook of an animal in distress I immediately want to jump into action to help. So low and behold this morning on my daily commute in Tamp traffic I came across a distressing post of a baby squirrel in a Facebook group for my neighborhood.

social mediaImmediately I sprang into commenting action only to be, swiftly with a quick scroll, plunged into despair.


resultsWith the knowledge of this small, innocent life already perishing at the hand of its catastrophic fall and subsequent collision at the literal foot of this Facebook user, I was suddenly heartbroken. Going through this torrent of emotion in only the course of a few seconds had me questioning what I could do to help future baby animals that are likely to fall from trees but that was immediately swept aside by a further revelation from the Facebook hero.

the other one

The game was afoot once again. So from many suggestions from the peanut gallery, our animal rescuer decided to take the surviving squirrel to Blue Pearl Emergency Animal Veterinarian. reliability


I now sit here eagerly waiting for the results of this drama to fold out, hoping for the best and contemplating the effects of this little opera unfolding in front of my eyes in minutes.

It is incredible to see in this day and age how the reliability of communication through the internet with our local communities has become so important. The fate of baby squirrels is at the hands of the instantaneous results this person sought on Facebook. Through the relationships we build through the reliability of the internet superhighway only can we get results like this so fast.

Cara, in the end, relied on a neighbor she has that has previous experience with handling fallen squirrels which is quite common here in Tampa, especially during hurricane season.She says the baby is doing just fine and eating well.

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