Risky Solutions For Extraordinary Results

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Posted by: Nick Strite Category: Healthcare, News Comments: 0 Post Date: October 25, 2017

Risky Solutions For Extraordinary Results

Recently, Doctors Belfort and Whitehead in Houston performed a risky prenatal surgery on a baby with Spina Bifida. Spina bifida is a birth defect in fetuses where “there is an incomplete closing of the backbone and membranes around the spinal cord.”

Doctors have been performing surgeries to help this defect since the early nineties usually after birth. But now this new experimental procedure where it is performed in utero has made headway to help patients suffering from spina bifida improve extraordinarily more with the postnatal procedure, possibly even curing it with further research.

We applaud those that go out of there way to pursue innovative results looking to achieve what goes above and beyond the call of duty. It is extraordinary to see those in the medical profession take risks to help those around in need.

It is important to recognize how we innovate as humans. Providing solutions to those in need will always be an important factor in how we serve those around us. We thank Doctors Belfort and Whitehead for the courage to seek new ways to provide extraordinary results.


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