Providing for You and Yours

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Posted by: Nick Strite Category: Triad Comments: 0 Post Date: July 20, 2017

Providing for You and Yours

Relationships, Reliability, and Results, are the 3 pillars of the Triad guarantee. This is our foundation, it defines how we conduct ourselves in business and directly affects how we live our lives. Within these pillars are the defining adjectives which we all can define ourselves by. Without one pillar, the other falls and if our guarantee falls, we fall.

3R GuaranteeIt is a part of our responsibility to make sure every voice within Triad is heard. This blog will be a series where we discuss what word in the above triangle which the people of Triad identify with. In this edition, we will be discussing ‘resourceful’, chosen by general manager Kevin.


General Manager Kevin


Kevin discovered his need to be resourceful young. Growing up all he wanted was to be able to help provide for his family and friends. His desire was the person you can count on. To be that person he knew it took resources. His entrepreneurial spirit gave him the mind to seize opportunities where he could find him. As a child, he wanted to get a present for his mother’s birthday so he bought candy wholesale and sold it at a competing price to his friends to get the money to buy that present.

Kevin has worked hard to provide a home for his family. He is driven himself to be a resourceful individual because he lives to provide for those around him to see his relationships and those he cares about thrive.

Being resourceful is being the person those rely on to get results through your ability to be able to provide in the direst of straights. It is the part of the pillar of Results that is upheld by the pillar of Reliability that is driven by results. They work within the ecosystem of the 3R guarantee and would not survive without each other.

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