We’re Shining a Spotlight on a Humble Rockstar of the Commercial Cleaning World.

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Posted by: Jess Jukes Category: Community, News Comments: One Comment Post Date: April 23, 2018

We’re Shining a Spotlight on a Humble Rockstar of the Commercial Cleaning World.

Triad’s Vice President of Construction Cleaning Fred Carlson builds bridges and lasting relationships.

(This is part 1 of a 2-part series.)

When new clients come to Triad Cleaning Solutions for help with construction cleaning, one of their first points of contact is our Vice President, Fred Carlson.

He welcomes new construction clients into the Triad Family, ensuring that all cleaning needs are identified and planned out – regardless of the property size, type, or the scope of work. He ensures an exceptionally smooth transition from first contact until boots hit the ground.

Moreover, when you work with Fred, you immediately feel listened to, respected and appreciated. That’s because Triad’s core values of reliability, relationships and results are just the beginning of Fred’s own superpowers.

The value Fred adds to a client’s experience isn’t just the warm welcome, careful planning and skillful expertise he brings to every interaction.

Behind the scenes at Triad, he does so much more!

1. Fred is a bridge between worlds.

You might be surprised to find a cleaning company executive poring through construction documents and building plans.

But Fred is also a Civil Engineer by training and a Licensed General Contractor with experience in the business world and real estate development. His background and fluency in that side of the work means that as a client, you don’t have to know everything.

He will read your documents, speak the language of project management and construction, and help you anticipate how many cleans or phases you need. Even if you don’t have all the information readily available, Fred’s expertise means you have a knowledgeable and seasoned guide through the process.

“Not every cleaning company can relate to project managers,” he says, “but I love working with them and being a part of their world in a helpful way.”

Any good relationship requires productive and reliable communication – and this is where Fred truly shines. His ability to partner with a diverse range of clients and projects is part of why Triad can meet construction cleaning needs at any size: from large and intricately-organized companies to “mom and pop” contractors who are following their passion.

“I have the unusual opportunity to have many wonderful and different types of clients – and to work on many wonderful and different property types,” Fred says.

2. Fred’s institutional knowledge of the Tampa cityscape helps Triad create and sustain long-term partnerships with construction clients.

Talk to Fred about work, and you’ll immediately hear how gratifying it is to be a part of something so tangible as construction jobs around the Tampa area. In the digital age, most workers don’t see their work standing over time – and Fred loves bearing witness in this way to a wide variety of projects and local growth.

“I get to see the self-storage facilities, the aquarium, the history center, shopping centers, Hobby Lobby. I walk through the mall with my wife and I’ll see the new Bath and Body Works or just-opened Victoria’s Secret and realize – hey! We worked on that,” he says.

“I appreciate that we get to see what’s new, what projects are going on and be a part of the way communities are changing constantly.”

Once a building comes to life, its needs will change over time, along with its people and its evolving purpose. When physical change and renovations are needed, the long-term partnership Triad strives to maintain with clients jumps into action.

Because Fred knows what a construction client needed the first time (or what made their construction cleanup unique or different), he can anticipate what might be needed this time. He says this work is exciting, stimulating, broad, and gives him the long view of change and growth within Tampa.

Most importantly, his nuanced institutional knowledge of the community that’s gained by long-term partnership means that construction clients get tailored and personal attention from expert cleaning professionals who are committed to their success.


Triad is so grateful for the care, integrity and commitment that Fred Carlson brings to work every single day. He embodies our core values of Enduring Relationships, Guaranteed Reliability and Exceptional Results.


Whether it’s window cleaning, dust removal, metal polishing, pressure washing, stripping and waxing, steam cleaning carpet and tile, or debris removal, our experienced crew guarantees your site will be ready for its new occupants—quickly, reliably and always with exceptional results!

HOW TO REACH FRED: Call 813-498-2229 or email fred@triadcleaning.com today.  He’ll respond quickly.

Now you tell us:   Who are the humble rockstars of your company? How do they create bridges and go above and beyond in the name of service?







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