Get Out of Your Office

It’s safe to say that we all can appreciate a good office space. But there are those times when ideas are feeling stale and getting out of the office either by yourself or with your team is a fantastic idea.
There’s a reason we all feel a bit stuffy in our office or cubicle sometimes and our brains seemingly go to mush.
Don’t Let This Happen
Keeping ourselves indoors can produce what health experts call “nature deficit disorder”. Anxiety and depression resulting […]

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How to Keep Your Carpet Looking Fresh

Aside from employees, your facilities assets such as your carpet, furniture, and hard flooring are the most important thing to consider regarding cost control. Being concerned about your bottom line and efficiency is your priority.
Extending the life of chairs, carpet, tables, and flooring can be a huge cost saver over the lifespan of your business if you follow some simple habits. Carpeting specifically can cost a sizable amount to replace, here are a few tips to keep it looking […]


Nothing Worse Than This Stain

Coffee stains are the scourge of the average office carpet. Not only is it awful when you spill that beautiful morning cup o’  joe, you have to deal with a potential coffee debacle. It seeps into your office and leaves a mark for the long term and takes more than a brillo pad with hot water to get out. Don’t let any stain get you down, we have your back.

Nobody likes a coffee stain, through a little cleaning magic […]

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One of The Most Important Things to Have

We take the security of your belongings very seriously here. We know you can hire the most cautious and careful employees in the world and accidents will still happen. It’s a fact of life that we need insurance in our daily lives and it is no different for commercial cleaning service employees, who are often in unusual situations that can leave liable. Most janitorial services travel to their job site, often working late into the night with little direct […]

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A Clean School is a Successful School

A clean school is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about what contributes to a student’s success. But research has shown that a clean school leads to better academic performance and progress. Cleanliness is so critical to productivity that it is one of the most important building elements for an educational facility.
All learning facilities are affected by an unclean and dirty environment, that can hamper a student’s learning experience. The following areas are […]