What your floors say about your auto dealership

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Posted by: Nick Strite Category: Automotive Comments: 0 Post Date: August 8, 2017

What your floors say about your auto dealership

If there is one thing that makes auto dealers stand out, it is a clean, shiny floor. The initial walk into the showroom says it all, a glossy floor that speaks volumes in pride, professionalism, and luxury. You want your clients to be able to see their reflection while they are sitting in your best car in the showroom. Floors that are regularly serviced by trained Triad cleaning professionals will leave that dazzling sheen.

No Floors Left Behind

We are proud to have the Triad 3R Guarantee of Relationships, Reliability, and Results as our foundation. That guarantee means if you are dissatisfied with your service we will make it right. No excuses. A poorly maintained floor will never be left unattended. If you notice peeling, discoloration, or chipping along the edges along with wax build up, let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.

Keeping your floors maintained will reduce health and safety risks to employees and customers. Wax build up and dirty floors can be more slippery and can create an unsafe environment.floors

Tailor Made

We can tailor fit your cleaning services to any size or scope.

  • Basic floor care can include debris removal, dust, and wet mopping. We go above and beyond paying attention to every detail such as any corners, edges and hard to reach areas.
  • Mopping can be a tough task with such a large area. Changing water regularly, notifying any staff of wet floors and avoiding getting cleaning solution on any furniture or baseboards are just a few of the tasks your Triad Cleaning crew keeps in mind for your auto dealership.

No job too small or too large

Your Triad account manager will want to make sure to schedule more extreme cleaning measures as often as your space calls for.

  • Vinyl Composition Tile should be stripped, waxed, and buffed regularly to maintain shine and preserve the flooring.
  • We specialize in tile and grout deep cleaning and sealing. Having this regularly done will preserve color and prevent staining.
  • Steam cleaning and extracting carpets properly will prevent mold growth and staining.

We use only non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaning products and pride ourselves in being good stewards of the environment and our community. Our goal is to make your dealership shine as brightly as the cars you sell!

You can always count on our 3R Guarantee: We will be loyal, responsive cleaning partners – eager to serve you because we value our customer relationships; We will always be reliable, dependable and operate with integrity and respect; We will always provide exceptional results. #CleanYouCanCountOn

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