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tampa bay medical

$200 Million Donation For Tampa Bay Medical Facility

Local Tampa philanthropists Dr. Kiran Patel and his wife, Dr. Pallavi Patel made a $200 million donation to build and promote a regional medical campus for Nova Southeastern in Clearwater.
The new medical facility could help bolster the national landscapes perception of Tampa Bay as a burgeoning training ground for the medical community and higher education.  This donation ranks among the largest individual commitments to a college or university.
“Imagine the number of lives you’re going to touch,” Patel said in […]

clean school

A Clean School is a Successful School

A clean school is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about what contributes to a student’s success. But research has shown that a clean school leads to better academic performance and progress. Cleanliness is so critical to productivity that it is one of the most important building elements for an educational facility.
All learning facilities are affected by an unclean and dirty environment, that can hamper a student’s learning experience. The following areas are […]


Triad Marketing Team Visits Orlando

We look forward to days that we can visit the communities we serve. The attention to detail that goes into building those communities really shine through in the content we create. This past Wednesday, September 27, 2017, the Triad marketing team visited Orlando! The sight of the bright neon shirts of Triad employees armed with camera equipment caused more than a few comments of wonder, we gladly shared with them our purpose and our 3R Guarantee.

Our goal and purpose […]


Why a Cleaning Company is Going to Overtake Gary Vee

Planning for the future is about having a clear and concise vision and setting specific targets to get you there. We look to influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk and those like him for inspiration on how to conduct our business through social outlets like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Creating awareness for your brand or company by building relationships with new, engaging followers is the now and the future of how businesses are opening new markets. That is why Triad is […]

company culture

The Right Company Culture

The Thank You Economy is rooted in good caring customer service, to Gary Vaynerchuk “great caring culture stems from the top of a company and cascades through it like a waterfall.” Real caring relationships are built by your employees but a company culture rooted in caring values starts with leadership. Solid lasting company culture is built between manager and employee, that waterfall effect Gary spoke of carries on down to the customer.
We Care More
It should not come as a […]