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Why you should be making great content

Social media has really given small and large businesses a voice to engage with the world. We see Arby’s posting sponsored ads on facebook about video games and anime, Chick-Fil-A posts about DIY projects anyone can do with their family; these are some of the things that companies are doing to relate to their audience. It is important to understand why they put time and money into making great content.
It is important to have the resources to make entertaining […]


Building Community Relationships Through Small Businesses

We value the communities and small businesses that we live and work in. As some of you might know we read aloud together on a weekly basis (see our previous blog here) this week we took our book readings to Caffeine Roasters. Our 3R guarantee of Relationships, Reliability, and Results is our foundation and we want to build new relationships within every community we serve so it only makes sense to take our readings to locally owned and operated small […]

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Foresight in Business

Foresight is important when starting any business. Looking at evolving trends and where your business should be in the next 5 years in comparison with competitors and the economy will provide you the grounds for planning the future.
This week’s chapter in Gary Vaynerchuk’s The Thank You Economy was a short but impactful 5 pages about being mindful of evolving marketing tactics and the importance of foresight. The key example is how Amazon (and e-commerce) has come to dominate the […]


5 Tips on Working with Building Contractors

Building a relationship with contractors or someone that is serving your interests is critical to the success of your project. We care about your construction project from start to finish so we have put together this list for tips on how to manage the operation of your project. Our 3R Guarantee of Relationships, Reliability, and Results is our foundation and guidelines to live by in your personal and professional life. We want everyone to see success in life and […]


Cleaning Performance Indicators

It is our duty to provide you with the results you deserve from your cleaning service. Knowing the value of a cleaning service and how it effects your peace of mind along with your bottom line.
There are five indicators that your commercial cleaning service should be held to. Your commercial cleaning company should be tracking these indicators to go above and beyond what you require. It is a part of our 3R guarantee of Relationships, Reliability, and Results to […]