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summer maintenance

Summer Maintenance and Safety Tips for Property Managers

Hot Safety Tips for the Hot Summer
Summer is here and with it record setting temperatures and rainfall.
You should always keep up maintenance on your home. Preparing for the seasons to change is especially important because you will be facing new challenges, summer brings special challenges to every corner of the country. Be sure to fully prepare for the coming chores around your properties.
Summer has a special relationship with the outdoors. Readying outdoor spaces for heavy use will ensure your […]


Your Employees are Your Brand

Every successful brand has a great brand persona, but social media has a brought a brand-new age of company-wide transparency. Recognizing that your employees are your company is the first step into creating loyalty to your brand by having each employee take ownership of their public face. You cannot develop relationships with potential clients without being mindful of the free flow of information on the internet, if you have no online presence, no reviews (or bad reviews) initial impressions […]

business clean

Workplace Cleanliness is More Important Than You Know

Workplace Cleanliness Holds So Much Value
You spend a third or more of your day at your place of business, and no matter the industry, your workplaces cleanliness has a direct impact on your health. Many people give up their weekends cleaning their homes but rarely do they consider the workplace. Workplace cleanliness is directly related to worker health, 8 sick days taken per year costing 225.8 billion dollars, keeping your office space clean will impact this number immensely. We […]

tips for rain

Tips to Help Local Businesses Prepare for Florida’s Rainy Season

Tips For The Rainy Season
It’s that time of the year again Floridians! With the recent influx of new Florida residents, Triad has some tips for you to be prepared for the extra precipitation.
It is important to prepare for that heavy rainfall this time of year to protect your biggest investment- your real estate. Proper prep can prevent problems such as rotted wood, water leakage, cracks, mold, and mildew. These preparations will ready your business to withstand the oncoming storms […]

electric car

The Implications of an All Electric Car Industry

Recently, auto manufacturer Volvo has looked to greener pastures by announcing the move to all hybrid and fully electric vehicles. In the face of competition like Tesla, Volvo, a Chinese-owned automotive group, said on Wednesday all new models will move to the fuel efficient or fuel free platform by 2019.
Volvo is the first major manufacturer to abandon the internal combustion engine. Hakan Samuelsson, president and chief executive of Volvo Cars, said in a statement that the move “marks the […]