gym bacteria

We know where gym bacteria hides

Maintaining awareness of the sources of bacteria that affect your daily life is something we prioritize. You go to the gym to get healthy – but if you’re not careful and if your gym doesn’t employ a good janitorial service you may go home with something you don’t want. Bacteria is everywhere but it likes to gather in the places where we touch a lot. Every weight you lift or treadmill you touch, you could be putting yourself at […]

office clean

9 tips for keeping your office clean in between commercial cleaning visits

We provide the foundation of a clean office but keeping an organized and cleaning your office is still very important. A discarded post-it here, a pen there, disheveled magazines on the floor, it all adds up to one thing, the impression of a messy office.
Here are a few useful tips to keep your office clean

Keep anti-bacterial wipes close by. They can help with those surprise coffee spills and quick wipe downs of surfaces.
Use natural air fresheners, for example, simply […]