gym bacteria

We know where gym bacteria hides

Maintaining awareness of the sources of bacteria that affect your daily life is something we prioritize. You go to the gym to get healthy – but if you’re not careful and if your gym doesn’t employ a good janitorial service you may go home with something you don’t want. Bacteria is everywhere but it likes to gather in the places where we touch a lot. Every weight you lift or treadmill you touch, you could be putting yourself at […]


Medical Office Cleaning – Keeping Health a Priority

It is commonplace that maintaining a clean medical facility is critical but taking a closer look at what that means is often required. You have your standards for cleaning in your own home but there is a more intense, deep clean required of every medical cleaning facility. The health of staff and patients is the priority for every office manager or medical tech; the best way ensures your environment is a healthy one is to hire professional commercial cleaning […]